The hotels are built with leading-edge technology in utilizing modular units. They can be stacked and layered more dynamically than typical concrete construction. Their modular nature also allows for hotel production to be completed up to 4x faster than traditional construction.

Sustainable Energy Independence

Our tech team is developing the most efficient energy solutions with regards to solar batteries, water collection and re-use, automation, and space management. Not only does this mean a minimal environmental footprint, but the hotels are essentially “off the grid”.

Smart Technology Solutions

These smart hotels will use electronic sensors and devices to manage resources and help the automation process, making hotel life easier, more efficient, affordable, and more fun.

Wastewater Treatment System

Advanced wastewater treatment system that converts wastewater into a clear, odorless liquid that is safe for the environment. It uses both suboxic and aerobic compartments to maximize biological treatment effectiveness. The advanced treatment system cleans sewage more than 40x better than septic systems.


The new Cryptocurrency Hotel Coin (“HCI”) will be used as one of the payment methods for all Innovasis Hotel transactions within our hotel network worldwide. Hotel Coin will be used, not only for service fees, but also for food purchases, scooter and jet-ski rentals, and all other transactions across the chain globally.


VP Hotelery Technology
Adam Schroder​
Hotelery Expert
Architecture plans​
Robert Cox​
Lead Architect, CEO of Sundog Structure
Senior Technician​
Wesley Osborne​
Principal Architect, President of Sundog Structure​
Technology Advising
Marcin Strągowski
RD Labs CEO, Tech Advisor Linkedin


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